MSCE, P.E., P.Eng.


M.S. Civil Engineering. Oregon State University, 1994

B.S. Agricultural Engineering, Cal State Polytechnic University, Pomona Cal. 1986



1995 - Consulting Engineer, Mundall Engineering & Consulting
Mr. Mundall is Principal with Mundall Engineering. In this capacity he is responsible for a range of water & wastewater system projects throughout British Columbia and Washington State. Over his 6 years as principal with Mundall Engineering, he has developed a satisfied and growing client base. This success is the ongoing result of a firm commitment to engineering excellence, teamwork and innovation, coupled with the reduced overhead and increased flexibility afforded by a smaller company.


1989 - 1994 Project Engineer, Duncan & Associates Engineering - ID GROUP
Prior to his present role with Mundall Engineering, Mr. Mundall was most recently Project Engineer with Duncan & Associates Engineering ID GROUP, a multidisciplinary consulting engineering company with offices throughout Canada. During his tenure with Duncan & Associates Daniel was responsible for a range of major water, waste water and municipal infrastructure projects. While specializing in water and waste water projects, his breadth of background in engineering enabled him to successfully manage a variety of unusually challenging engineering projects throughout B.C.


1987 - 1989 Master of Science - Civil Engineering, Water Resources
Prior to joining Duncan & Associates Engineering Ltd., Mr. Mundall was in the M.S.C.E. Water Resources Program at Oregon State University.


1986 - 1987 Junior Engineer, Sun Country Engineering and Surveying in Bend, Oregon.
During this time Dan gained experience in the design of a sanitary collection system for the entire town of La Pine, Oregon.



West Kelowna Trunk Sewer Preliminary & Detailed Design - Kelowna, B.C.
Mr. Mundall was responsible for all phases of this project, including pre-design study, detailed design plan, construction review, and startup operation. Careful site evaluation and terrain analysis were carried out at the preliminary design stage to optimize the efficiency and reduce project costs. Special challenges to the routing design included high head lifting (more than 60 metres), and major terrain undulation throughout. All sections of the design were computer modeled hydraulically for scenarios of present and future minimum and maximum expected flows. Results of the interactive hydraulic modeling were a gravity forcemain, that will operate at the highest possible efficiency. The $1.1 million project began operation in early 1995.


Comprehensive System Plan & GIS System Development - Seattle, WA
King County Water District 83 was under pressure from state health authorities to modernize their 20 year system plan, but laked the resources to carry this out with conventional consultant relationship. Mundall Engineering agreed to work "in-house" with the district, saving tens of thousands, while at the same time, developing in-house ownership of their plan. As an adjunct to this work, Mr. Mundall has helped the district develop their own graphical information system, based on Autocad Map.


Water Distribution Storage & Treatment Upgrades - Waglisla, B.C.
Duncan & Associates was retained to upgrade the water supply, treatment, storage and distribution systems for this remote coastal community of 1900. Mr. Mundall carried major responsibility for implementing most phases of the $1.5 million improvement program, including planning, approvals, water quality monitoring, bench scale testing, preliminary design, detailed design, construction, startup and operation.


Interceptor Sewer Design - Burnaby, B.C.
This project for the Greater Vancouver Regional District involved the analysis and design of over 2000m of 600mm and 750mm sanitary sewer and control structures. The project lies in an area of unstable soils, with other challenges posed by adverse grades. The project is presently in the construction phase. Daniel was responsible for conducting a pre-design study for the entire project ($2.8 million), as well as detailed design plan preparation for approximately half of the system, with construction costs estimated at more than $1.4 million


Offsite Servicing Studies - West Kelowna, B.C.
Mr. Mundall has conducted servicing planning & pre-design studies for water & sanitary servicing to over 1000 homes and other municipal infrastructure connected with these developments. Total value of infrastructure is in excess of $2.0 million


Trunk Sewer Design - Mission, B.C.
Preliminary design of over 2000m of pumped forcemain and a lift station feeding to a surcharged gravity forcemain. Daniel was responsible for all phases of the preliminary design for this $750,000 project, including startup and initial operation.


Sanitary Collection, Treatment and Disposal System Upgrade Management- Waglisla, B.C.
Mr. Mundall managed all phases of this project which included design and construction of over 1.3 Km of submarine outfall for municipal and process wastes. Responsibilities included Planning, Permitting, Budgeting, Preliminary Design, Detailed Design, Construction, Procurement, and Start up, as well as operations management & hiring of staff.



Water Treatability Studies - Powell River, B.C.
MacMillian Bloedel Ltd. has experienced water quality problems in their expanded pump/paper facility. Mr. Mundall had complete responsibility for treatability studies to resolve these problems. Several treatment alternatives, including Ozone and UV (Ultra Violet) were studied to meet severe site constraints. The proposed treatment system for 11,000 GPM has been valued at $750,000.


Drainage Analysis & Design - Cloverdale, B.C.
The City of Surrey, B.C. has experienced severe flooding in the dyked lowland areas along the Nicomekyl River. Mr. Mundall modeled storm water flow over a critical 1500 Ha drainage area, and designed draiange works to control flooding.


La Pine Oregon - Complete Sanitary Collection System
Sun Country Engineering was retained to design a complete sanitary collection and treatment system for this community which had nitrate pollution of water wells caused by infiltration from a high density of septic disposal fields in the native porous lava gravel soils. As Jr. Design Engineer, Mr. Mundall was responsible for detailed design of significant portions of the Small Diameter Gravity (SDG) collection system as well as Right-of-Way/Easement negotiations for all properties on this project..