West Kelowna Trunk Sewer




The West Kelowna Trunk Sewer went into operation in December, 1994. This project was a joint venture of the Regional District of Central Okanagan and two major land developers. Dan Mundall, MSCE, P.Eng. was responsible for pre-design of the entire 8km system, including two lifting stations. Later he completed detailed design and construction supervision of the upper third of the system, which included the high head lift station and twin gravity forcemain.


Project Facts:

Drainage area 1500 Ha

Total length of trunk sewer 8km

Maximum single lift 65m

Pumping effeciency 65%

Maximum terrain slopes 35%

Maximum sewer depths 6 m

Longest single length of pumped & gravity forcemains 1800m

Length in bored casing 45m (under Highway 97)







Interesting Technical Features:


The most challenging technical features on this project were caused by the undulating terrain. By careful design of a twin pipe pumped/gravity forcemain we were able to eliminate one entire pump station. On a particularly high head lift (65m) we were able to eliminate another set of pumps by using a recently developed high head submersible solids pump with trimmable impeller. Cost and quality of construction was further controlled by using pre-cast modules for the 6.5m sump and external valve chamber (shown). Pumps feature full speed operation with "soft start" ramp up/down controls and telemetry connections to RDCO (Regional District of Central Okanagan)



Waglisla, B.C. - Water Distribution Storage & Treatment Upgrades
























This project entailed an upgrade the water supply, treatment, storage and distribution systems for this remote coastal community of 1900. Dan Mundall, P.Eng. carried major responsibility for implementing most phases of the improvement program, including planning, approvals, preliminary design, detailed design, and construction.


Project Facts:


*Planning design 20 years

*Total Value of upgrades in excess of $1.5 million

*Peaking Reservoir 900cu-m

*Watermains & transmission (new & replaced) 3.0 km

*Supply pump station pump upgrade/replacement and flow metering


Interesting Technical Features:


The most challenging aspects of this project were caused by remoteness and rock. Mr. Mundall resolved potential delays and problems with remoteness by carrying out full project manangement, including budgeting, procurement and shipping of all material to the site. The project was completed under budget and has operated satisfactorily since startup 1991.


Water Supply Supply System - "Old TownBella Bella, B.C.






















This project involved the analysis and design of a supply system for a fish processing facility and surrounding community near Bella Bella, B.C. The system was designed for maximum reliability by providing interconnection between existing ground water and a new surface water source. The project involved approximately 2.3km transmission main as well as a booster pump system. Dan Mundall, P.Eng. was principal project engineer responsible for all phases through startup. The system has operated since 1991.


Project Facts:

Total length of transmission main 2.3km

Principal Features: Boost Pump/Transmission Main/Peaking Tank and Automatic & Manual Valving chambers

Project Value $500,000


Interesting Technical Features:

The overland water line was constructed in bedrock under a varying overlay of peat "muskeg" (varied 0-6m depth). In order to make the project feasible it was designed with minimal cover, which would allow freezing of the waterline during certian winter conditions when the system reliability was less important.

The boost pump system was designed to be brought on line only when needed, as the system was designed to operate under siphon operation in normal conditions. The controls were designed so as to eliminate the need for telemetry, which represented a reliablility problem for the remote community.


Water Distribution Planning, Design and Construction, West Kelowna, BC


This project required planning, approvals and design of water infrastructure to serve a new community of 600 homes along with a school and fire hall. Phased construction began in 1994. The 5 – phase project includes Pressure Reducing Valve stations, Peaking Reservoir, and over 5 miles of distribution piping. Dan Mundall, P.E./P.Eng. was the principal design and project engineer. Phase I through III of the system has operated since 1995. Construction of other phases (Rose Valley) is ongoing.


Project Facts:

4 pressure zones with pressure reducing/relief stations

gravity fed water supply to lower zones, pressure reduction & relief from 200 psi main as required

boost station equipped with 2 (two) 17 kw(23 hp) pumps each capable of delivering the peak day demand of 19.4 l/s (307 USGPM) to higher zones.

looping between all zones to eliminate dead zones

9 km (5.5 miles) ductile iron and pvc distribution pipe ranging in size from 150mm (6”) to 300mm (12”)

1100 cu-m (300,000 gal) peaking reservoir

project value $2.3 million


Interesting Technical Features:


This project was constructed in steep undulating terrain. Water supply was the principal challenge to the feasibility of this upscale community development concept. By careful planning & modeling, the resulting system met fire and domestic supply needs at minimal cost, allowing development to proceed in phases, and meeting all regulatory requirements.