Hello, I am Dan Mundall, principal owner & engineer. Please enjoy a few minutes browsing this page.

Mundall Engineering is a relatively young venture - In early 1994 I left long time employer, Duncan & Associates Engineering/ID Group (a nationwide consulting firm in Canada) and began offering specialized services in Water, Drainage & Wastewater to former employer ID Group, and a small circle of friends and associates. Mundall Engineering is now trusted by a growing list of clients in both municipal government and private sectors. Our specialty remains in projects where water or wastewater are involved. These have been my personal interest and experience since childhood, and they remain so to this day. My formal preparation to serve you began with engineering school at Calfornia Poly Tech University, and continued through a MS degree in Civil Engineering, Water Resources at Oregon State University. 



MUNDALL ENGINEERING & CONSULTING began as an idea in 1990 out of a desire to directly market the consulting & engineering expertise of Dan Mundall, MSCE, P.Eng. and his associates to clients with water and sewer hydraulics and water quality related needs. We have operated full time since 1994. Presently we do very little marketing, and keep busy enough with referral and repeat clients.


Philosophy and Plan

MUNDALL ENGINEERING & CONSULTING is respected for three "I"s: integrity, innovation and interest in our clients welfare. We are a small firm and proud of it. Our desire is to remain small and provide you with value oriented solutions to your engineering needs. We consider ourselves leaders in a growing trend toward small, tightly integrated engineering/consulting enterprises. We find it personally rewarding and economical to base operations in our 1,200 sq-ft basement suite.

Years of experience with traditional consulting enterprises has demonstrated the value of having a single team involved in a project as opposed to a pyramid of delegation. Your contact with DL MUNDALL CONSULTING will be either with Dan Mundall, Principal, or an immediate associate. There is no substitute for an on-site visit, or a planned face to face meeting. These are essential, and help to establish trust. But when lightning speed is important, we make ourselves accessible to your needs through telephone, cellular, FAX, and E-Mail connections.


Our objective is to continue to develop our expertise in ordinary and not so ordinary water related projects. We have good working relationships with a number of general civil engineering firms, partly because we are not in competition with these firms; our specialization is strictly in water related projects.


Production Abilities 

Small size and integration is our desire. As part of our commitment to leading the cutting edge, we utilize the latest, most advanced production tools for analysis, design, and production available. Presently we own and use over $35,000 worth of specialized design and production software, and over $20,000 in hardware and reference works that were purchased for your benefit. More important than tools though is the person using them. While we are constantly refining our academic and professional learning, we find that every member of the technical team to be important contributors to new and better ways of meeting your needs. The technical team includes government,

operators, contractors, and suppliers and you. Because like a good mind, a innovative idea is a terrible thing to waste.


When Can We Help You? 

We are especially suited to help you when you need the following services related to water supply, sanitary and storm systems involving pumping, conveyance, or quality:


Consultation Referral Liaison Feasibility Studies

Pre-Design Studies Detailed design Construction inspection