Mundall Engineering is part of a growing trend of highly trained and movitated professionals that have left the corperate enviroment to start smaller, and more managable and more effecient enterprises, These firms have learned to exploit the benefits of modern technology to reshape traditional tasks. After years of project engineering for a major consulting firm, it became evident that clients could benefit more from my expertise through private practice. The net result has been lower overhead and better engineering. Clients benefit by receiving a better level of service, but at charge out rates that are around 30% lower. However, the cost of engineering services is not alone a valid indicator, since engineering is usually a small fraction of overall project sosts. A more important benefit for clients is direct contact with the one doing the work.

Now instead of delegating your projects to interns and underlings, I am for the most part able to serve you directly. However, clients benefit from my close liasons and referrals to a network of the finest professionals in our industry.